Zombies Walk: California Attempt To Break World Record

Zombies Walk

Zombies Walk

Long Beach, California, was the setting for zombies to gather and attempt to set a new world record. Many thousands of the walking dead paraded around with the intention of setting a new Guinness world record for the most zombies moving around at any one time.

A night for zombie aficionados

The craziness was not only centralised to California, with ‘Zombie Walk 3’ taking place in the Phoenix, Arizona. The city was another meeting point for likeminded zombie aficionados who came together to walk on nights surrounding Halloween.

The two gatherings would not have been complete without people going to the extreme and using make-up, blood and props to turn themselves into a ghoul for one night. California was trying to break the record set by Seattle who had 4,700 zombies moving at any one time, but in Long Beach there was a real hunger to tear apart that record.

With such a high turnout, Guinness officials were on hand during the walk and will be reviewing the data before any decision is made.

But what is this love affair with the zombie? A being many believe to be simply fictional unless you speak to a small group of society who will say that it is an all too real threat. With it being Halloween, it seems like the most fitting time to think about the living dead, monsters and other things which go bump in the night.

Zombie-related art and entertainment is on the rise. One particular example is the website 24/7 Wall Street which has estimated that the ‘current zombie-genre economy’ it worth almost $5 billion. A thank you must be given to movies such as ‘Night of the Living Dead’, the George A. Romero films and newer titles such as ’28 days later’ and ’28 weeks later’.

Even computer games have cashed in, take the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise which continues to produce titles that remain a big hit with fans.

Perfect for halloween

The first zombie walk was recorded to have taken place in 2001 in Sacramento, USA. It was used to promote a horror film festival, but just like the zombie infection, the idea spread quickly. Even Dublin, Ireland, claimed a 8,000 person turnout for one that was held in the summer of this year but this was not confirmed by Guinness.

The things with zombies is that with their struggling walk, and black faces and bits of body falling off with certain movements they do not create that fear that many other characters could and this works well with Halloween which is after all something to be enjoyed.

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