X Factor star on the verge of breakdown



X Factor judge Danni Minogue’s boyfriend has urged her to relax, as he fears she is doing too much and could breakdown.

The pop star has been urged to slow down by boyfriend Kris Smith, only seven months after giving birth to son Ethan, and he is worried she will get ill from juggling her hectic life.

Minogue is a judge on both the UK verison of the X Factor, as well as her native Australia’s Got Talent, and has her own fashion line, Project D, all on top of looking after a seven month old baby.

Kris said, “Dannii works non-stop. It’s mind-blowing to me. I’m extremely proud of her. I wish she’d sit back and relax at some point, before stress levels do their worst.

“But that’s the way she is, so inclined to work hard and strive for things. I’m more laid back.”

Kris plans to take things into his own hands and drag Danni and their son on holiday as soon as a break appears in her work schedule.

The former rugby player added, “We balance each other out. It’s a counter-balance. I like to chill out and enjoy life. When she stops working for a bit, I would love to take the family away somewhere, kick back and do nothing.”

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