X Factor fans set to vote on Facebook

Facebooks X Factor

Facebooks X Factor

X Factor fans will soon be able to turn their Facebook rants into votes after Simon Cowell met with the site to discuss the possibility of a partnership for the next season.

With many fans turning to the popular social networking site to voice the pleasure/dismay about various contestants performances, Simon see’s the site as ideal to work as a voting platform.

The site has been home to several campaigns in recent years, including one last year which kept Wagner in the competition long after he should have been voted off.

Viewers will be able to buy Facebook credit, and then vote for their favourite acts online, as well as commenting at the same time.

Simon hopes to launch the idea before the US X Factor starts, although US laws won’t allow companies to charge for votes, so the system would be free.

Last year’s final saw Matt Cardle win with 15million phone votes, but with a Facebook reach of 550,000,000 viewers, the number of votes could increase tenfold this time round.

What do you think about the opportunity to vote on Facebook?

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