WORLD RECORD DAY: 7th Annual Celebration

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records Day, a day when thousands of people worldwide attempt to break records, it is as simple as that. Last year’ s Guinness World Records Day saw 300,000 attempt to break records across the world.

ABBA impersonators

There were many mad and wonderful records attempts being made, from the world’s biggest tea to sport stacking. In Australia, an attempt was made to break the record for the most ABBA impersonators in one place, Italy are looking at attempting to create the world’s longest chocolate bar.

Even Dublin is getting in the mix with its effort of becoming the home to the largest ever gathering of leprechauns with more than 300 people taking part to put the city on the map.

In the USA, students are working to break the world record in sport stacking, the record will be for the most people sport stacking at multiple locations in one day. Sport stacking is a serious event, just as serious as those people who can speed solve the Rubik’s cube.

It has been described as a ‘track meet for hands at warp speed’. Last year 316,736 stackers participated to break the previous year’s STACK UP! Record of 276,053.

The craziness did not end there, a tea company who are located in Portsmouth broke the record for making the world’s biggest tea-bag. Its dimensions are 2.4m x 2.4m and it weighed 120kg, it was unveiled on the HMS Warrior in Portsmouth.

The tea-bag took three hours to pack and it is filled with the Portsmouth blend of English-style breakfast tea. It then took four hours for the bag to be sewn up, made from Portsmouth cotton.

In China, 800 people were trying to break the largest speed dating event record. In a stranger attempt at breaking a world record or an excuse for something else, runners in the YMCA Turkey Trot where looking to break the record for the most people dressed in a turkey costume. In a bid to get the record, runners where helped by Capital One, who are the title sponsor has a promotion to give away 500 free costumes.

Harmless adventure

The Guinness World Record’s never lose their charm, they are supposed to be entertaining, with some obvious freaky inclusions but on a whole the day brought people together to have fun. Anytime any event or activity can encourage people to come together and partake in a little harmless adventure, it must be celebrated.

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