Winslet hasn’t done bad for “a fat kid who was pushed to the back”

kate winslet

kate winslet

Oscar winning star Kate Winslet has revealed she never expected to achieve anywhere near as much success as she has, after her early years in theatre as “the fat kid who was pushed to the back.”

Winslet won best actress for her performance in The Reader, and has come a long way from the young girl who started acting at her youth theatre group in Reading.

Footage, which has appeared in YouTube, shows her speaking to young aspiring performers at the youth group on a recent visit.

Winslet says in one clip that, “I was one of the ones who didn’t really get the main parts”.

Later on she says she was “the fat kid who was pushed to the back and never got the leading parts”.

Kate added: “I was never the one who would get picked to go for the film auditions because I was always a bit overweight and always looked a bit wrong and had big feet”.

The star was the focus of press attention in her early years, but after Titanic saw her become a world star, she has turned the tables, using her fame to criticise Hollywood’s obsession with skinny actresses.

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