William and Kate to be movie stars

Prince William and Princess Catherine

Prince William and Princess Catherine

We knew it wouldn’t be long before someone decided to make a film of Prince William and Princess Catherine’s budding romance and wedding, and an American director has beaten many to the punch.

“William & Kate: A Royal Love Story” is being directed by Linda Yellen who also produced CBS’s “The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana” in 1982.

Yellen referred to the movie as “a very personal story. In a way, it’s my tribute to Princess Diana as well as a tribute to the young couple.”

The movie is a mixture of real and simulated events depicting the “psychological story of the memory of the mother, in this case Princess Diana, and her legacy,” Yellen said. The film shows how William “has to choose to live his life with her memory and with the decisions he has to make,” including the decision of whom to marry.

Kate Middleton is being played by British actress Alice St. Clair. Although not a striking resemblance to Her Royal Highness, she has been trying “to show the essence of her and bring my own self into it,” the actress.

Yank, Dan Amboyer who plays Prince William, made his debut in the “Law & Order” series. In commenting on the film, he said the “script is smart, is fun, there is real wit between them. It’s not at all schmaltzy.”

Yellen wrote the script in two weeks, after she saw William give Diana’s ring to Middleton.

Only time will tell if the new movie will live up to the popularity Yellen’s first royal film back in 1982.

See an excerpt of Yellen’s “The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana” below:

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