Will Young recalls spooky sleepovers

Will Young

Will Young

Former Pop Idol star Will Young has revealed in a recent interview that he is convinced he saw a ghost as a child.

The singer, who along with Gareth Gates became the first two stars to have any sustainable success after a talent contest, is due to star in a new TV drama.

The drama, named Bedlam, will see Young play geeky Ryan, who moves into a luxury apartment at Bedlam Heights, a pre-Victorian mental asylum that has now been converted into housing.

Will recalled his very own spooky experiences as a child, which helped him inspire his performance in the show.

Will, 32, revealed: “I remember running through a friend’s very old house and seeing some curtains, that were tied back, close behind me. Also his Scalextric – showing my age, there! – used to go round on its own. I didn’t like staying over.

“I also think my house in Cornwall is haunted, but I think she’s a nice ghost.”

The singer revealed he could never sleep in a former mental home.

He said: “No way! I couldn’t think of anything worse, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I think people leave energies behind.

“I believe in energies, I’m not sure if it’s the whole white sheet thing.”

You can see Bedlam on Mondays on Sky Living.

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