Whitney Houston is back in rehab

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Houston voluntarily admitted herself into an out-patient program drug and alcohol abuse.

Rumours speculate that this recent rehab stint is actually Houston’s way of cleansing her system in readiness for a new movie. However, many believe this just another expected outcome in the downward spiral of substance abuse as her claim in 2009 that she was healthy and clean never really seemed convincing.

Once the top of the charts with hits like “I Will Always Love You”, she remains one of the most successful singers in pop music history. Sadly, her tale of success has been mired with long-term battles with drug and alcohol addictions.

Houston did attempt a come-back in 2009 with a new album and tour and managed to sell over a million albums in the states alone. However, she canceled many tour dates due to illness and when she did perform, many were disappointed with the quality of her voice and performance.

She has appeared short of breath in many televised performances as well.

It is not yet certain how long Houston will remain in therapy. For now, she can go out in public as long as she is with her minder.

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