Whitney Houston: Investigators Look For Answers

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

It has been rumoured that the life of the talented and troubled singer ended in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Investigators who have been looking into the singers death have revealed while they know where she died, the causes of her death will take weeks to unravel.

This weekend was also the biggest weekend in the music world, with the 54th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony taking place in Los Angeles. Here Houston was due to appear, making her slow comeback from many years of personal turmoil.


An autopsy was performed on Sunday, but the coroner’s officials have revealed that they will not be releasing any information. The autopsy was carried out on request of the police detectives who were investigating the singers untimely death.

What is now very common knowledge is that the singer was found in the bathtub in her room. However, Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter has declined to give away any information regarding the condition of the room, or of any evidence that has been collected.

Lt Mark Rosen of the Beverly Hills Police has said that there is the chance more information could be released early this week about the death. But this will only happen if the detectives working on the case feel comfortable about revealing the information to the public. Currently, there are no suggestions of foul play, and there is no obvious sign of any trauma sustained to the singers body.

The lack of information is not a knew, with security holds being placed on autopsy results on some of biggest cases in LA. This was evident with the results of Michael Jackson, whose results were held back for weeks while investigators tried to understand the circumstances surrounding the death.


The 48-year old singer was discovered in a unresponsive state by one of her entourage. Hours later she was due to appear at a pre-Grammy gala.

Organisers of the Grammy’s had to make some speedy adjustments to their program, so that they were able to include a memorial for Houston. She herself won six awards, before her life took a downward spiral through drug and alcohol abuse.

Whitney Houston was one of the best-selling artists during the 80s all the way to the late 90s. She starred in the film ‘The Bodyguard’ which took $410,945,720 at the Box Office. It had been rumoured that at one time she amassed a £100m fortune, but was close to bankruptcy.

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