What did Prince Harry have to say about the “Dude” and Duchess?

Duchess of Cambridge arrives at palace for wedding reception

Duchess of Cambridge arrives at palace for wedding reception

Prince Harry lived up to his cheeky image by delivering a best man speech that had Prince William and his wife Kate in stitches.

As Harry stood on a table to deliver his speech to his brother, new sister-in-law and the 300 strong audience, he continually referred to William as the “Dude”, sparing Kate some of the embarrassment.

Close family and friends wined and dined as they laughed through Harry’s speech, which included sympathy for Catherine having married a bald man.

Prince William didn’t seem offended, as one guest recalled: “It was all in good humour and Prince William clapped as loudly as the rest of the guests when he finished.”

Not to spoil the moment, Harry also had some kind, heartfelt words for the bride, telling her that he loved having a ‘sister’ and that he cherished Kate. He also commented how their mum would have been so proud of the newlyweds.

Although the Queen and Prince Philip had handed over the palace for the celebration, hosted by Prince Charles, Prince Philip didn’t escape from Harry’s jokes, commenting how he was “dwarfed” by Catherine in her high heels.

Harry wasn’t the only lucky one to get up and speak; the father-of-the-bride Michael Middleton also had a few words to share. “I knew things were getting serious when I found a helicopter in my garden. I thought, Gosh, he must like my daughter.”

The palace party continued well into the wee hours of the morning, with the guests bidding the newlyweds farewell after a final dance to The Beatles’ She Loves You as they drove off in a vintage convertible Fiat 500, then continuing on with celebrations until 3am. The fun didn’t stop with the palace, with many guests heading over to the Goring Hotel for an after party.

Since we couldn’t be at the party to hear Harry’s speech for ourselves, check out what this Youtube user composed as an alternative…

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