Waving Goat: Worldwide sensation Darren Passes Away



A waving goat who became a worldwide sensation has waved his final farewell. Darren, the 11 year old Anglo-Nubian goat was a favourite at White Post Farm in Farnsfield. He arrived at the farm when he was a kid. Shooting to fame soon after his appearance on ‘Animals Do The Funniest Things’ back in 2009, when he was just 9.

Videos on Youtube

Videos of Darren were posted on Youtube, and his antics soon led to him appearing ABC News in America as well as Australian TV.

Anthony Moore, the marketing manager at the farm said the loss of Darren has effect everyone and the staff are all gutted about the loss he further went to the farm at the moment has a strange atmosphere, as most of the staff would spend their breaks alongside Darren.

The farm turned down the opportunity for Darren to perform in front of Simon Cowell in alive audition on ITV1 show Britain’s Got Talent for welfare reasons. The staff also go on to say that Darren’s trick was not something that was taught to him but away for him to make himself as big as possible so the staff were able to see him and feed him.

Twitter account

Following Darren’s worldwide acknowledgement the staff at White Post farm set up a Twitter account in October 2010 so that Darren was able to keep in touch with his fans all over the world. The news of Darren’s death was also posted on Twitter, the cause of death being old-age.

The staff at the farm say that Darren was quite a character, he was boisterous and his charm of waving was his way of making sure he got all the attention. Plans to name a paddock at the attraction in memory of the waving goat Darren are currently in place.

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