Waissel plans shows around US X Factor

katie waissel

katie waissel

Despite being one of the most despised contestants in the history of the X Factor Katie Waissel has planned her schedule around the US X Factor as she hopes to crack the States at her second attempt.

Waissel, who had to get out of a US recording contract to appear on the UK version of the show, was lucky to stay in the competition as long as she did as the judges kept keeping her in.

Katie has won more favourable reviews whilst appearing on the X Factor tour and seems to be winning over the public but the 24 year-old still wants to star in America.

Katie has a debut album launch planned, after she recorded most of it in the US before appearing on the X Factor and is now planning her route to world success.

‘I’m planning on going out to America while The X Factor is on out there. It would be fun to coincide with it,’ she told the Daily Star.

‘I’m in talks at the moment to perform out there at the same time and do some more writing.’

Katie, is also looking to release another album next year with a No Doubt style Ska sound.

‘I love the idea of writing a song and putting it up online straight away. And you never know, I could have two albums out in one year,’ she said.

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