Video: Store Sees Tidal Wave Of Wine



It is not something you see every day, but employees in an off-licence in Wisconsin got to witness a wine tsunami rush across the store after a 78 foot long shelving unit detached from the wall, sending 6,810 bottles of wine crashing to the floor.  The bottles turned into a dangerous red wave of broken glass, causing two employees who been standing next to the shelving unit to run for safety.


Although workers at the store are unsure of how or why it happened, they concede the shelving unit was 31 years old. According to staff at the store, it took 15 workers and a professional cleaning crew to remove all of the shattered glass and soak up the wine, which was over an inch deep in some areas of the store. The staff kept such calm that while the clean up was happening, they didn’t even feel the need to close the store.

Nick Haen, a salesman at the store, Superior Liquor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who can be seen fleeing from the wave of wine, was restocking the shelves when it happened.

‘I heard a little shift and all of the sudden I looked up and just saw bottles start coming, and so I turned around and booked it as fast as I could. It was a little bit of a rush, a little bit of a, “Holy man, did that just happen?” It was unbelievable.’

Online Sensation

The Manager of the store, Lori Gregoire, refused to disclose the cost of the destroyed wine, but pointed out that as insurance covered the cost, the store suffered no monetary loss. She was also quick to add that no employee or customer was harmed by the falling bottles or ensuing wine wave. Although the incident happened in January, the footage from the CCTV cameras was only released at the beginning of the month on YouTube, where it has already received several hundred thousand views.



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