Vanilla Ice reveals Dancing on Ice nerves

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice

Rapper and Dancing On Ice star Vanilla Ice revealed he was full of nerves before his ice skate on Sunday, because he didn’t want to ‘humiliate’ himself when dancing to a song he wrote.

The rappers biggest hit, Ice Ice Baby, was a multimillion selling single in the 90s and Vanilla danced a complicated routine to the song.

Rapper, Robert Van Winkle admitted that he was worried he would get relentlessly mocked if he mucked up the performance.

After getting a good score, he told host Schofield, “I never thought I would be skating to Ice Ice Baby. You know, it’s my song so it’s been more pressure than I’ve ever had in this competition to date… You know, it’s my own song. If I humiliate myself on my own song I’ve got to go bury my head like an ostrich somewhere. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, this is the one I’m going to be YouTubed in and (the fans will be) tweeting about.’”

Emma Bunton said about him, “I know this is about skating ability, but for me your performance – you can tell that you’ve performed to thousands of people all over the world. It got me excited. I want to buy a ticket. I’m a huge fan all over again.”

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