Undiscovered Enid Blyton novel unearthed

Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton

A previously undiscovered Enid Blyton novel has been unearthed.

The famous five writer, who was a children’s favourite in Britain, wrote hundreds of books, but this one has yet to be published.

The book, titles “Mr Tumpy’s Caravan” is a 200 typed page manuscript, believed to be a version of My Tumpy and his Caravan, which was a picture book made up of newspaper comic strips.

The book was bought as part of a bulk purchase of Enid Blyton work at an auction, and was purchased by a charity.

The charities archivist was surprised by the find and had to call in experts to verify the book was an original.

“They (the experts) are fairly confident it’s an undiscovered piece of work,” said the archivist.

“We bought these manuscripts at auction last September, and the archivist went through it all. Just before Christmas she had a hunch that this was something quite different,” she added.

Enid Blyton’s youngest daughter, Imogen Smallwood, spoke to the BBC and said, “There’s always excitement when an unknown typescript is found of anybody’s who is well known. Because this wasn’t even known about, it has to rank quite high.”

The story was not dated, but bears the address Old Thatch, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, which was Enid Blyton’s home until 1938.

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