Tron sequel takes almost £2million in opening screenings

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy

Tron: Legacy has made a total of £1.97million in its first three days since screening at UK cinemas earlier this week.

Its takings knocks last week’s top movie – Narnia fantasy The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – down to second place in this week’s chart.

The Disney release has also claimed the number one spot of the US and Canada box office chart.

Continuing where the 1982 version left off, the science-fiction sequel shows Jeff Bridges’ character hurtled into a virtual reality called Grid, reprising his role as a software programmer trapped inside a virtual world where computer games become a reality.

The film reportedly cost £109 million to produce, but Disney have said the opening was within its own expectations.

In this week’s chart’s top five, Tron: Legacy and the new Narnia release were joined by the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Tourist and family animation Megamind.

In sixth place was Cher and Christina Aguilera film Burlesque which saw takings of around £420,000, with comedy Fred, featuring pop star Pixie Lott, making only £250,000.

The premiere has been touted as this year’s answer to box office giant Avatar which saw more takings than even 1997′s Titanic.

Disney hope to maintain the top spot this week as they face competition from the latest comedy in the Meet the Parents series, Little Fockers, which opens in cinemas on Wednesday.

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