Top Gear makes its Return to Television



BBC last night showed the return of Clarkson, Hammond, May, and The Stig, as Top Gear’s season 16 got underway last night.

With Top Gear USA nearing the end, Top Gear UK is just getting started.

The first episode of the highly anticipated new series is off with a bang, and episode one could go down as historical one.

The show began with the three presenters giving their opinions on the upcoming 16th series, the weather, and the new Stig.

The first episode sees the review of an Ariel Atom V8, in which Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop smashed two lap records behind the wheel of the V8.

There was a funny motorcycle vs car race, which had quiet an interesting result particularly for James Hay.

The new Stig was introduced to the world in an entertaining segment, following the world’s first view of the rapid pace of the original Stig’s evolution.

In what must be a historical moment in history, episode one sees a helicopter land on top of a Skoda car, yes on a Skoda car.

Comedian John Bishop was an interesting first guest, and his appearance will do little to harm his growing reputation.

The final segment of the show sees Hammond defending his beloved 911 Porsche, and in true Top Gear style they topped the show off in emphatic style.

The end of the show saw a race between a 911 Porsche, and a helicopter carrying a beetle, which then saw the beetle drop from the sky and crushed to the ground.

It was an interesting and entertaining return for the Top Gear crew, mixed with a bit on insanity, touching on the Stig issue in a humorous manner.

If the opening and closing stunts are anything to go by, it should be an entertaining series.

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