Titanic II: Aussie Billionaire Planning On Building Replica

Clive Palmer to bring back the Titanic

Clive Palmer to bring back the Titanic

It hasn’t been very long since the memory of the original Titanic was celebrated, as this year was the 100th anniversary of its sinking. The ship was the first of its kind, the biggest and most luxurious, and was called unsinkable because of its use of turn-of-the-century technology.

With renewed interest in the ship and its story, while not forgetting the 3D re-release of the James Cameron hit movie about the vessel,  a Australian billionaire has embarked on his journey of reawakening the spirit of the ship.

Dark day at sea

The 21st century version will be ready in time for its launch in 2016, when it will travel on the same journey the original Titanic was supposed to complete from Southampton to New York. With the tragedy that surrounding that dark day at sea, many people are hoping that it is not repeated.

Clive Palmer is the wealthy man behind the plans, and he has commissioned Chinese company CSC Jinlin Shipyard to recreate the Titanic. This will be a life-sized replica with all the interior and exterior details matching the original iconic vessel.

There will be a separate team working on the plans for vessel, making sure nothing is overlooked. It will be exactly the same size, and will include 9 decks and 840 rooms. One change that will be made is dictated by technology, and that will be an engine powered by diesel instead of coal. To help maneuverability there will be a bigger rudder, and a bigger bow for better fuel efficiency.

The original smoke stacks will be included on Titanic II, but they will only be for aesthetic completeness.

Palmer made his $5.2 billion selling coal and iron ore to China, and at the moment has not provided any clues of the cost of the project. It is fair to say that it will eat part of the way into the man’s fortune, though provided it doesn’t sink, it could build his fortune even further.

Revamping the original movie

Titanic II will allow individuals to get a  sense of what the original journey must have felt like. Inflation adjusted costs of the Titanic are £694.9m, and it is likely that the new ship could cost around the same amount.

News of the ship has come in the same year that the Titanic movie was revamped, taking the 1997 classic and putting it firmly in 2012 using 3D technology. The movie has made more than $1 billion, and cost £18 million to convert, requiring 300 artists.

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