TINTIN: Spielberg Attends Movie Premiere

Classic Tintin

Classic Tintin

Tintin had its UK premiere in London, the much anticipated film has been Steven Spielberg’s vision of Herge’s classic comic character with many of the film’s stars also making an appearance on the red carpet. The film is called ‘Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn’ and it delves into the reporters world in search for a sunken ship with Captain Haddock.

Motion capture

The lead role of Tintin is played by Jamie Bell, the star of Billy Elliot, who was rendered into a computer-generated 3D animated character using motion capture which meant the actors had to act and not simply provide their voices. Other film’s which have used motion-capture are the box office hits Lords of the Rings, King  Kong and not forgetting the record breaker Avatar.

Bell said that Spielberg was at his best and that the movie itself went back to family adventure film’s like Indiana Jones. This was new territory for Spielberg who learnt new techniques which he had not used in his 42 years behind the camera.

Jurassic Park used digital animation for the dinosaurs so this was Spielbergs’ first attempt at a fully animated film. Spielberg also revealed that the idea had been floating around for 28 years with original ideas of using standard techniques to shoot the film. However, once a script was finally agreed on it took three years to get the story animated.

220 million copied sold worldwide

In a little poke at the animation process Spielberg said: “I was able to make two other movies while they were animating Tintin.”

Some of the other characters in the film are played by Daniel Craig who plays Ivanovich Sakharine, Simon Pegg as Inspector Thomas and Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock.

Tintin was created in 1929 by Georges Remi who wrote under the name of Herge. Figures have revealed that the books have gone on to sell more than 220 million copies worldwide.

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