Tinie Tempah to become movie star

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah

Rapper Tinie Tempah has revealed in a newspaper interview that he is planning on starring in a movie in the not too distant future.

The Brit award winner has had a part written especially for him by Adulthood’s Noel Clarke, and the rapper is very excited about the prospect.

Tinie spoke to the Daily Star, and said, “It’s sounding like the best movie Noel’s done by far. It’s very international and there’s a lot going on. Work schedule permitting, I’m definitely down for the role. I know my part.

“I always said if I ever got involved in acting I never wanted it to be a cliche role. I really wanted to get into a different character, so fingers crossed it’ll work out.

“The part was written especially for me, which is cool.

“I met up with Noel at his agency and he explained how much of a big fan he is and how he’s been watching my videos.

“He said he based the character on what he knows I’d be capable of doing. Once I read the script it made perfect sense, my sense of humour and everything. It was very thoughtful and I’m flattered of course.”

Noel Clarke has already had one rapper in his films, when Plan-B starred in Adulthood. The writer, director and producer said that it was that move that inspired Tinie to try acting.

Noel said: “Plan B is a perfect example of someone who has made the move.

“When you watch a film he’s been in you don’t think it’s Plan B, The Movie. It’s the same with Justin Timberlake.”

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