The secret to Jennifer Lopez’s figure – Dancing

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

For those of you who were wondering just how Jennifer Lopez keeps that amazing figure, despite hitting 40, the answer is her dancing.

The singer, turned actress has had to increase her gym sessions since taking her place on the American Idol panel, although her best friends insist she enjoys the three miles daily runs.

Explaining that Jennifer never finds the gym a chore, he friend explained, “Jennifer has amped up her workout routine by running three miles a day, five days a week.

“But her true love is a dance workout. She has one of her choreographer friends meet her at a studio three times a week, where they put on loud Latin and pop music and dance and sweat for a full hour.

“They just laugh and work out until they are drenched with sweat. They even have dance offs – taking turns to busy out some impromptu routines.

“I think if everyone had that much fun working out, no one would ever dread the gym.”

The 41 year old has lost weight and loves her current figure.

The insider added: “She lost nearly 10lbs before ‘Idol’ began filming and she’s kept it off.

“She’s over 40 and looks hotter than ever.”

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