Technology: Google Strengthens Allegiances, Helps Android Makers

Google cements alliances with Asian manufacturers

Google cements alliances with Asian manufacturers

Executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, said that Google Inc will continue to offer “support” to businesses using its Android smart phone software that are locked in legal battles.

Analysts say this is a bid by Google to seal alliances with technology giants such as Samsung and HTC in the face of increasingly tough competition in the mobile phone industry.

Peace with China

Schmidt also tried to make amends with China during his three-city Asian tour last week.

The Silicon Valley firm had a falling out with China over hacking and censorship disputes earlier in the year, but has been courting its favour as the country has become the second largest economy in the world.

Schmidt said that Google aimed to service the citizens of China “within the limits the government allowed,” rather than fighting the current regime over restricted access to websites.

In addition, most of the Android hardware companies and supply chain are from Taiwan, said analyst Ming Chi Kuo of Concord Securities. Ming inferred that the purpose of the Google director’s trip to Taiwan was to “gain support and closer collaboration” with its Taiwanese business partners.

In addition, Taiwanese vendors have long used Windows operating systems for mobile telephones, so Google is left vying for support for its Android platform.

Handset manufacturers

Schmidt also visited Korea for the second time earlier this week for the purpose of meeting with Samsung and LG Electronics directors. The move is widely seen as a political strategy to cement ties with important manufacturers.

The trip was especially important considering Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings. With such a large in-house manufacturing branch, analysts spurred fears that Motorola would become a key rival to other firms licensing the use of Google’s Android platform.

The “support” that Google has pledged to its partners includes information sharing, advise and industry expertise, as well as access to Google patents and products that their consumers are demanding.

Google has openly supported HTC and Samsung in their legal disputes with Apple, which says that the Android platform violates patents used in the iOS operating system used on iPhones and iPads.

Some analysts view the lawsuits as Apple’s way of attacking the Android system, which has become the most popular smartphone platform in the world.

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