Talking dog gets 14 million hits on YouTube

Clark the amazing talking dog

Clark the amazing talking dog

Clark, an adorable Dutch Shepard, has become a world-wide sensation after his owner posted a video clip of him showing off his extraordinary talking abilities on YouTube.

In the one-minute clip, poor Clark gets teased by his owner as he talks about all of Clark’s favorite foods. As Clark whimpers and howls, his owner superimposed voice-overs in perfect synchronicity with Clark’s ear and facial movements – creating a very convincing talking dog.

As the teasing goes on, Clark becomes more animated, shaking his head and reacting in horror to all the maple bacon, juicy steak and cheese covered chicken that his owner and another house pet ate without him.

Named the ‘Ultimate Dog Tease’, the hilarious video has seen its popularity rise to 14 million hits in just 10 days and is certain to captivate many more people as the days go on.

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