Taiwanese performer Shara Lin gets 4 million hits on YouTube

Shara Lin performing

Shara Lin performing

25-year-old Shara Lin has many talents to boast of; she is an actress and musician who has mastered piano, violin and the zither.

She has combined these simultaneous talents to perform Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai’s song “Dancing Diva.” The recording of her training has racked up more than 4 million views on YouTube within three weeks.

Performing the song with three instruments is no easy feat, even for Lin who started training on piano at the age of three. She explains further: “I think the toughest part is to play the piano and the zither simultaneously. We tried many times to figure out this position for my left hand to play the piano, and right hand to play the zither,” Lin said.

“When I have to look at both the piano and the zither, I really wished my eyes could grow wider apart. If I have to play (them) together, I must play by feel.”

No matter how difficult it may be for Lin, she certainly makes it look effortless, having put the performance
together within five days. The result is a blend of classical and Taiwanese pop music that has her tucking the violin under her chin and stretching out as needed to both piano and zither.

In the wake of her YouTube success, she said she is willing to try other performances – possibly including some of her other talents like guitar, jazz drums and harmonica.

Watch Shara Lin perform here:

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