Stone Roses: Funny Press Conference

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses made it clear they were back together at their press conference which was full of jokes and humour. The conference started with words from the bassist who said: “We’re here to deny that The Stone Roses are reforming-see ya”.

After a troublesome past the four band members sitting together after a break of more than 15 years was one that through the band into a reverential mood.

Greatest of its generation

Mani the bassist was sitting to the far left with drummer Reni to his left and during the conference he came across as the bands diplomat. On the left of Reni was lead singer Ian Brown and to his left guitarist John Squire.

At their height the band were being called the ‘greatest of its generation’ and after their time away they are back to stir things up once more.

Ian Brown confirming the bands plans to go around the world next year with Reni saying jokingly “If anyone buys any tickets!” which sent the journalists at the conference laughing.

Many other bands have reunited and it usually consists of a tour where they sing their old work and then it’s done, but in this instance Ian Brown has stated that they have new material and that it will not be a journey into the past.

“It’s never been about the money”

It seems that the ball starting moving when John Squire and Brown starting seeing each other where they went from looking at the past to creating new music in a short amount of time with Squire saying that their friendship needed to be repaired before they could think about the bang again.

Talking about their motive for getting back together, Mani said: “It’s never been about the money. I’ve been touring for the last 15 years since the Roses finished and I get stopped in every city in every country in the world every day. People have dreams about seeing us together and we want to satisfy dreams”.

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