Stone Cold Steve Austin special guest referee at Wrestlemania

Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Old school wrestling fans will be in for a real treat at Wrestlemania this month as both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin return.

The Rock, after seven years away acting, will return as Host of the event, and already has his sights set on upsetting John Cena.

And now it’s been announced that Stone Cold will return, or rather Stone Cold announced in true Stone Cold fashion that he would return himself.

In recent weeks tensions between ring announcers, Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler have reached record levels, and the pair will face off in a match at Wrestlemania.

Cole last week announced that he had hired Jack Swagger as his trainer for the match, and this week came to the ring to announce his choice of special guest referee, JBL.

The only problem was, that after JBL had trash talked Jerry Lawler, and talked ironically about being a man of integrity, Stone Cold Steve Austin came to the ring, gave JBL the stunner, and signed the contract to be special guest referee himself.

With both The Rock, and Stone Cold in attendance, WWE can guarantee itself a bumper Wrestlemania audience.

Watch Stone Cold beat up JBL below.

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