Stewart in awe of Penny’s mothering skills

Rod and Penny

Rod and Penny

Rocker Rod Stewart has revealed he is completely in awe of his wife when she looks after their new baby.

66 year-old Stewart became an eight time dad last month as wife Penny Lancaster gave birth to Aiden, and Stewart was impressed at how she juggles the baby with second son, Alistair, who is six.

“I’ll never quite understand how mothers manage to do it. She hasn’t had much sleep since little Aiden was born. She had two half-hour naps in the middle of the night last night.

“They just wake up and want feeding and comforting. But it is so amazing, because I hold him and he shouts.

“So I said to Penny, ‘Why is he peaceful when you hold him?’ She said, ‘Well, he ca smell the food and he knows my voice and the touch of my skin.’ So I take my hat off to mothers and especially my Penny.”

Rod has eight children in all, and admitted he was happy now his career takes up less time, so he can spend more of it with the kids.

“Words cannot describe how incredible it is to witness your newborn coming into the world and the love you feel for both mother and child.

“I am lucky at this stage of my life to be able to focus more on my family life than I was in the early days of my career.”

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