Soul singer Adele finds performing ‘emotionally draining’



Soul singer Adele has revealed that she finds singing live “emotionally draining” and that to combat these problems she has to think about furniture when performing.

The star, who has just been added to the iTunes live line up, admitted to struggling to relive the experiences that led inspired her when writing the ballads from her last album, 19.

Adele will join Duran Duran and Linkin Park at the iTunes gig, which will be played at the roundhouse venue in Camden, London, and always offer tickets free of charge.
Adele said about singing songs from her album 19 live, “That’s really hard. Toward the end of touring on 19 there were a couple of shows where I’d be singing Make You Feel My Love and I’d just have to start thinking of (Swedish home furnishings store) Ikea or something. You have to switch off sometimes – otherwise it’s completely emotionally draining.”

Adele who is currently preparing to tour her new album, 21, after her latest single, Rolling in the Deep got to number two last week added, “Anything I find difficult, though, is completely thrown in the bin when I see how people respond to my music. I love it when a wife drags her husband to a show and he’s standing there like a lemon. You spend the whole night trying to win him over, and by the end he’s kissing his wife. That’s amazing.”

The 22 year old said of the iTunes gig, ‘I’ve been to so many iTunes gigs in the past and always had a laugh. It’s really exciting to actually be performing this time,’

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