Soap in more hot water?

Whitney Dean

Whitney Dean

As the cot death furore subsides EastEnders gears up for another explosive storyline.

The BBC has released information about the soap’s controversial new plot exposing the dangers of sexual exploitation and grooming.

It all begins when vulnerable runaway Whitney Dean meets Rob who appears to support her in her hour of need, even becoming her boyfriend. Far from protecting her he soon dupes her into working as a prostitute and keeps the proceeds for himself.

Over the festive period a storyline where a mother switched her dead son with her neighbours healthy baby attracted over 10, 000 complaints and as the plot draws on the anger felt by audiences is still raw.

EastEnders insiders have stressed that they believe the issue of sexploitation is one which needs to be highlighted. They hope that by featuring the process of grooming and its effects on such a high profile show will boost public awareness and help put an end to the practice.

To avoid more viewer distress producers on the programme have worked alongside Comic Relief to represent the phenomena accurately and with due sensitivity.

18 year old Whitney, played Shona McGarty, is used to living through hard times. This will be her second sexual abuse storyline as she was also groomed and assaulted by her step father.

Bosses defend the storyline and insist it is not just a cheap prostitution plot to bring in more viewers. The story will be resolved in a special Comic Relief episode on  March 19th.

Is this controversial move too much too soon after the baby swap storyline?

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