Sky Atlantic launches today with ‘amazing’ Broadwalk Empire

Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic, Skys new home of HBO for our shores, will launch tonight, and promises to bring us some hit shows from the other side of the Atlantic.

The station will kick off with the season premiere of Broadwalk Empire, America’s new Soprano’s with Martin Scorese directing the series along with Terence Winter from the Sporano’s.

Reviews from the States suggest the new series is every bit as good as the popular sopranos and is based in prohibition America. Starring Steve Buscmei, Kelly MacDonald and Michael Pitt, the 12 part series features the most expensive pilot ever made, with some reports suggesting it cost £33 million.

The station will also play classics from their back catalogue, including The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos and Sky users can find the channel by pressing 108 on their remotes.

The channel will be free to all Sky subscribers, and is in HD for those who have a HD television and Skys HD package. The channel will feature big Saturday night premieres, including Mad Men and Blue Bloods.

Stuart Murphy, Director of Programmes for Sky 1 HD and Sky Atlantic HD, said “Sky Atlantic HD will be such an incredible channel; seminal, world class, epic TV all in one place.

“Unlike other broadcasters Sky won’t hide these series in the twilight hours, we feel incredibly proud of this content and feel privileged to air it in peak time, in high definition, exclusively for all sky customers.”

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