Sir Francis Drake: Body Found Off The Coast Of Panama

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

It has been claimed by treasure hunters that two ships which they have discovered may have belonged to Sir Francis Drake’s fleet. The ships have been found off the coast of Panama and the hunters are hoping that his coffin is not too far away.

Lead casket

They are certain that the body will be close by on the seabed because Sir Francis Drake was buried in full armour inside a lead casket. This was done with the intention that nobody would be able to locate his body, including the Spanish.

However, 400 years down the line the secret kept of the seafarers final resting place may about to be revealed. Treasure hunters led be an ex-basketball team owner have put claim on finding the ships ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Delight’, the former weighing a huge 195-ton and the latter 50-ton.

The team are being spearheaded by Pat Croce who at one point in his life was the president of the Philadelphia 76ers, and his is a self confessed ‘pirate aficionado’. He set about locating the boats after researching a book about the Drake’s career.

Even though Croce has found the ships they will remain in the water since they are now the property of Panama.

Wreaked havoc in the New World

Sir Francis Drake was one of the central figures of the Elizabeth court and is well respected for his defeat of the Spanish Armada during 1588. He was also know as one of Britain’s best adventurers who became the second seafarer to circumnavigate the world taking three years,1577 to 1580.

Taking about the find Croce said that: “It’s been truly miraculous. You set yourself impossible goals in life but to find these two ships has been amazing. Here’s a fellow in the 16th century who sailed around the world and single-handedly wreaked havoc in the New World when navigation was still primitive.”

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