Sir Elton will attend Royal Wedding



Sir Elton John has revealed that he and his partner, David Furnish, will be going to the Royal Wedding in April.

Prince William is marrying Kate Middleton and a host of stars have been invited to the event, including David Beckham.

Speaking to a Canadian TV channel, Elton admitted that he had been keeping his invite quiet, as he didn’t want a media circus surrounding it.

“We do have an invitation. I’ve been trying to be discreet,” he said.

Talking about the husband and wife to be, Elton revealed that he saw a lot of his late friend Princess Diana in Kate Middleton.

“[Kate] is Diana in personality. She is very discreet, she is a very beautiful girl,” he said.

“They have been together a long time and I think she has handled the pressure so much.”

Talking about the future king, William, he said, “I hope [William] becomes King at an early age. I think we need young people like him to lead.

“I think he will be a tremendous king – not that Charles won’t, but I think William will be… tremendous.”

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