Silent stars gather to take on the X Factor for Christmas Number One

Pete Doherty will take part

Pete Doherty will take part

A group of hit artists are getting together on Monday to re-record composer John Cage’s experimental work 4’33″ which features an orchestra not playing anything. The silent piece will be recreated in a recording studio in London and will feature stars such as Pete Doherty, Imogen Heap and The Kooks.

Last year Facebook users set up a huge campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to Christmas number one, beating X Factors Joe McElderry to the top spot in a close race. This years silent number aims to do the same, protesting against the X Factor and raising money for charity.

This years song already has a huge following, with the facebook group ‘Cage Against the Machine’ currently exceeding 60,000 followers and the single at 5/1 with William Hill to get to number one.

The x Factor winners single, currently undecided, is 4/7 favourite but with plenty of time before Christmas for campaigning and lots of anti-X Factor feeling in the country anything is possible.

The silent single will raise money for five different charities, including Calm, a service for young men at risk of suicide,Youth Music and the British Tinnitus Association.

Nordoff Robbins music therapy and Sound & Music, a charity promoting challenging new music and sound art, will also benefit from the proceeds.

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