Sienna Miller blames Law split on relationship that had run its course

Sienna and Jude

Sienna and Jude

Sienna Miller has spoken out about the reasons why her and Jude Law did not work out for the second time, saying that it was simply because the relationship had “run its course”.

Speaking to the Guardian newspaper Sienna denied that her and Jude had got engaged before they broke up, and also insisted that they remain on very good terms now.
“I think it happens in everyone’s lives – you get back together, you try and make it work, and it doesn’t,” she explained.

“It’s not acrimonious. It had run its course.”

She also added that she feels very happy in her life right now, “I’m in a very different place to where I was.

“I feel like I experienced my 20s in all their glory and all their disastrousness, and now I feel much more calm. It feels like a new, more serious decade.”

Law and Miller finally split for a second time last month, after initially dating between 2006 and 2009.

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