Sharon Stone embarrassed by her Basic Instinct moment



Sharon Stone has admitted that she was both “embarrassed” and “horrified” when she first saw that moment in Basic Instinct.

Sharon uncrosses her legs in one of the most paused scenes of all time, as she is wearing no underwear.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his CNN show, Sharon said director Paul Verhoeven led her to believe that only a ‘shadow’ would be shown in the scene, and that she first saw it at a screening in a room full of people.

Sharon said, “He had told me when we shot the scene that the light was reflecting off of my underwear, and that if I took off my underwear, there would be a shadow, that we wouldn’t see my pubic hair, as we do in the film, where everybody keeps claiming they see my vagina.”

She continued, “He screened the movie with me publicly with many people in a room. He didn’t give me a chance to see it, digest it.

“I think more I was just so shocked and I was embarrassed not to be able to process it alone with him than I was so horrified. Because I agree that it was very, very good for the movie. But I didn’t have the chance to process it individually and get my brain around it.”

The actress did see some good out of the movie, as her character Catherine Tramell sexual empowered women around the world.

The star added, “It has been a film that empowered women in their feminine – not just their sexual – but their feminine identity.

“That kind of fearsomeness allowed women to feel empowered, allowed women to say what they really wanted to say. And men actually really liked it.

“Men felt like women can tell me what they want and what they like and what they think. And it is exciting to hear that, I think.

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