Second time lucky for Grimsby lottery winners



A couple from Grimsby have got lucky a second time round, after the same numbers came up twice on the lottery.

The pair played the lottery every week with the same numbers, but after the birth of their daughter, couldn’t afford the ticket as they needed the money for nappies.

Their numbers came up during this spell, but because they hadn’t bought a ticket they won nothing, leaving the pair gutted.

Mrs Mullen then had a dream that they would win the lottery, so the pair started playing again, with the same numbers, and miraculously won 6 weeks later.

The £4.8 million win will make a huge difference to their lives, and Mr Mullen revealed at a press conference that the pair were living in a rented property, and couldn’t even afford to buy their own furniture.

“Religiously, every week, we used to do the lottery and when my daughter was born we didn’t have enough money, and it was either nappies for my daughter or the lottery.

“Obviously the priority was my daughter so we bought nappies and unfortunately all six numbers that we did every week came in.

“To say that we were totally gutted was an understatement.

“We were a bit disillusioned with it and we thought that was our chance gone, finished.”

Mrs Mullen had dreamt that their win would be even bigger, but was not complaining about the size of her windfall.

“It really is a dream come true. To think you never ever have to look at the label to see how much it is or to worry about what you’re putting in your trolley.

“We just can’t comprehend that we never, ever have to worry.”

Mrs Mullen is registered disabled and the pair have been living off just £300 a week for some time, so the winnings will be more than enough to make a positive difference to their lives.

Have you ever seen your numbers come up when you haven’t bought a ticket?

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