Second Hangover better than the first

The Hangover cast reunited

The Hangover cast reunited

Despite some pretty bleak reviews, “The Hangover 2″ had the biggest five day opening of an R-rated film ever, raking in $137.4 million over the Memorial Day weekend.

The sequel managed to beat the the $134.3 million The Matrix Reloaded managed to rake in its first five days.

The success of the Hangover sequel helped Hollywood set a new revenue record of around 280 million dollars for the holiday weekend, surpassing the previous record of 254.6 million dollars back in 2007 and making it the best Memorial Day weekend in movie making history.

Stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis reunite in the Hangover sequel to find themselves awake in another haze and attempt to piece together the mayhem of their drunken night in Bangkok.

Many speculate that the popularity of the The Hangover franchise means an inevitable third installment will be on its way soon. Director Todd Phillips wouldn’t commit to anything, stating, “We’ll see. It’s about audience’s desire to see it, and how well this one does, and if these guys are up for taking another trip and doing something crazy.”

Watch the official trailer for “The Hangover 2″ here:

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