Sean Penn backs Charlie Sheen

Sean Penn

Sean Penn

Sean Penn has spoken out about best pal Charlie Sheen, and labelled him a “very ironic character.”

Sean, who has just come out of a divorce himself said, “When you divorce the moral judgments, which I prefer to do, I see a guy who has a clearer view of the nature of the world around him than is sometimes comfortable to have.”

“Those are the sort of people who have a tendency to find altered states. But he’s a very ironic character. He’s got pretension in the crosshairs of his wit. I think to a large degree he’s saying, ‘Guys, we’re only going to be here once, so lighten the f–k up.’”

Sean was married to Robin Wright for 14 years before they broke up and revealed she took half of everything in the divorce.

“A profound change in life for me personally was not being able to raise my son in a whole family through high school,” he said.

“I got practical issues, like everybody … I had just got taken for one half of everything I had in the divorce, so it’s not like I don’t have to work.”

Despite claiming he need to work, Penn is off to Haiti, to help clear up after an earthquake destroyed the island.

Penn has been helping there since the earthquake struck at the beginning of last year and said, “This is where I’ll be when I’m not working, for the rest of my life.”

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