Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina to battle it out for “American Idol” win

Scotty Mccreery and Lauren Alaina

Scotty Mccreery and Lauren Alaina

On Thurday, a record 95 million fans voted for the final contestants to remain in for the big “American Idol”
final. They sent Haley Reinhart home, leaving 17-year-old country singer Scotty McCreery and pop/country singer Lauren Alaina, 16, to battle it out for the title next week.

McCreery was a grocery store clerk in North Carolina before finding success with his time on “Idol”. Alaina, from Georgia, says she has dreamed of competing on “Idol” since she was six years old.

Before Reinhart was voted out, she commented on her time with “Idol”: “I rocked it out , and I had a blast, and this is only the beginning.”

This year’s “Idol” did have some controversy surrounding it earlier this season with claims that the audience was voting with a bias toward male contestants. However, those worries seemed to fall by the wayside as viewers began voting a run of male singers off the show in the past five weeks, leaving the finale a battle of the sexes.

The record number of votes for this year’s semi-final is a welcome upturn in popularity for the show as it has suffered three consecutive years of falling ratings. Many claim the new panel of judges was the catalyst for the improved ratings.

The 2011 “American Idol” two-part finale will air on the Fox network starting next Tuesday.

Watch Scotty McCreery battle it out on the Top 3 “American Idol” show:

View Lauren Alaina’s performance on the same show:

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