Schwarzenegger’s love child drama continues

Spot the similarities between Arnie and his love child

Spot the similarities between Arnie and his love child

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lover’s ex-husband, Rogelio Beana, plans to sue the former governor over legality issues with Arnie’s love child’s birth certificate.

Rogelio, a Colombian native, was married to Schwarzenegger’s lover – Mildred Patricia Baena while she was having an affair with Arnie and mothered his child.

Despite their love child bearing a striking resemblance to Arnie, Rogelio only recently learned that his 13 year-
old son with Mildred Baena is not his.

He plans to sue Arnie, alleging that the birth certificate of the couple’s love child was falsified.

Rogelio’s name appears on the birth certificate as the boy’s father, rather than Schwarzenegger’s.

He is contesting that Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena knew the information on the birth certificate was false at time of signing. If his attorneys can prove they falsified the certificate, the lovers could be charged with a very serious crime.

Rogelio and Midlred have been separated since October 1997, just weeks after the boy was born, but only filed for divorce in February 2008. Arnie and Mildred’s love child was born just days after Schwarzenegger and Shriver welcomed their youngest son into the world.

In view of the current media backlash the affair has had on Schwarzenegger’s personal life, he has put his movie comeback plans on hold to work through the crisis and deal with divorce proceedings started by his wife, Maria Shriver.

To learn more about Arnie’s lover, watch below:

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