Sarah Harding reveals love of cooking

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has revealed another step along her quest to become a domestic goddess – she loves cooking for her fiancé.

Last week Harding revealed she loves gardening and quite nights in their country home, and she’s now revealed she loves cooking up little treats for fiancé Tom Crane.

“I like my food too much to be that thin. I try to keep in shape but me and Tommy love cooking. Now we’re out of London I do a lot more home cooking. Spaghetti Bolognese is my speciality. I love pasta and bread, all the wrong things unfortunately.”

Sarah does have the problem of her fiancé DJ boyfriend working nights, and often has to cook for herself. She revealed that she usually cooks enough for two and polishes it off herself.

She added to Look magazine, “I try to balance out what I eat but I don’t see Tommy a lot of the time in the evenings because he’s working so I end up cooking enough for two people, then eating it all. I can’t leave it or throw it away.”

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