Sarah Ferguson new documentary airs on Sunday

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson’s last few years have been riddled with controversy. She hit rock bottom last year after being caught in a tabloid sting where she was accused of selling access to Prince Andrew for $40,000.

In the wake of the media chaos surrounding the sting, it became very evident to Sarah that she had lost control of her life and who she had become. Additionally, debt had become a big issue far earlier than that fateful May 2010 day.

Immediately following the sting, Sarah embarked on a new six-part documentary “Finding Sarah” to regain emotional and financial health and to rebuild her life.

“Finding Sarah” will air on Oprah Winfrey’s cable channel OWN on US television this coming Sunday.

The documentary follows Sarah as she gets help from many of Oprah’s professional friends including Dr. Phil McGraw and financial self-help expert Suze Orman, to resolve some burning questions on her mind, which she vocalises in the first episode: “Dear diary, what have I done with my life? How did I get it so wrong?…After 25 years in public life, I have lost who I am and it torments me.”

Dr. Phil’s assessment of Sarah early on in the program was a difficult one for her to hear. He explains she is “emotionally bankrupt,” and diagnoses her as being addicted to the approval of others.

Suze Orman also serves up some hard-to-swallow observations, telling her she is “broken inside.” Orman urges her to become financially dependent from Prince Andrew.

Over the six part series, Ferguson embarks on an emotional and spiritual journey in the attempt to get back on track. She visits a horse whisperer, a shaman in the Arizona desert, U.S. life coach Martha Beck, and embarks on a 26-mile trek through Canada’s Arctic region in a test of her physical and mental stamina.

She hopes that exposing her journey through the camera will help others who may relate to the feelings that she has felt and to get the tools to change.

It looks like the documentary did help Sarah. “My financial situation is under control now, and is being handled well, and we are looking forward to a very good future. And I’m debt free,” she said.

Watch Sarah on hit US show “The View” plugging her new documentary:

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