Samuel L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones team up for new film

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones

Samual L Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones have teamed up together for a new TV movie to be shown on HBO.

The Sunset Limited is an adaption of a play, written by playwright Cormac McCarthy, which tells a story of a stranger who keeps a suicidal man from throwing himself under a Harlem underground train.

As they spend time together in the apartment of the rescuer, Oscar winning Jones and Jackson play two men who exchange different ideologies and debate the meaning of life.

Tommy Lee Jones will also direct the film and tells us what attracted him to the script. Jones said, : “This play deals with the biggest questions in the history of human thinking. And does so in a way that is fun and therein lies the originality of it”.

The play of the film, ‘The Sunset Limited’ first appeared at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago in 2006 and won’t be the first time Jones has worked on a McCarthy play. ‘No Country for Old Men’ was also based on a play by the writer.

The movie is due to appear on HBO in 2012

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