Sam Riley admits Brighton Rock doubts

Sam Riley

Sam Riley

Actor Sam Riley has come out and admitted he initially had doubts about how well his new film Brighton Rock would do.

The 31-year-old actor plays Pinkie in the film adaption of Graham Green’s book which has been adapted for film before, with David Attenborough playing the same role in 1947.

“My first reaction was, ‘Are they just wanting to do Brighton Rock meets Heartbeat or something?’” the actor said.

Sam was cast alongside actress Andrea Riseborough for the film, and upon meeting the film’s director, Rowan Joffe, he realised it “wasn’t a gimmick”.

Sam is a relative newcomer to the acting world, having won critical acclaim for his role as Ian Curtis in Control in 2007 and revealed that he was nervous about parts of the film.

“There was a long scene on the pier that was five pages [of the script] and I was very nervous about doing that because I’d never really said anything in any movies I’d been in. I’ve sung or smoked, that’s my forte.”

But Sam added, “Instead of shouting in front of everyone, he’d (the director) come up to me and say, ‘That was great but…’ and whisper it in my ear.”

As well as Riseborough, the film also features legends in the form of John Hurt and Helen Mirren, and Sam said of working with the pair, “There might be doubts beforehand and you think, ‘Oh my God’, but if you start thinking about that when you’re actually acting then you’re buggered.”

Sam also recalled: “I had to say to Helen: ‘Leave us alone you old bitch’ and she just turned and said: ‘Less of the old’. It completely threw me”.

Brighton Rock is out in cinemas now.

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