Royal flashmob strikes in front of Buckingham Palace

Royal flashmob outside Buckingham Palace

Royal flashmob outside Buckingham Palace

Unsuspecting tourists meandering around Buckingham Palace awaiting the changing of the guard were caught off guard when a large flash mob took to the pavement and gave a quick impromptu dance performance.

Over 100 dancers from the University of East London had been mingling with the thousands of tourists, shocking many as they slowly emerged in small groups dancing their way into the centre courtyard directly in front of the palace eventually joining en masse for a short but lively dance routine as Queen’s “We will rock you” blared into the air.

The flashmob was organised by Big Dance, the world’s largest dance festival which is due to take place in London in July. A dance student at UEL, Lucy Sam, said the choreography was inspired by the Royal Wedding and was intended “to celebrate Kate and William and their love”.

The flashmob was secretly planned by Buckingham Palace to mark Monday night’s Royal reception honouring young people in the performing arts.

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