Robert Pattison man of the evening at the MTV Movie Awards

Pattinson planting a kiss on Tyler Lautner

Pattinson planting a kiss on Tyler Lautner

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson won the night – managing three different MTV Movie Awards on Sunday as well as kissing co-star Taylor Lautner, and slipping the F-word past censors.

This was the third straight year that the “Twilight” franchise dominated the competition with the most wins for the third instalment “Eclipse”.

Pattinson’s role as Edward Cullen won him best male performance, best fight with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel, and best kiss with Kristen Stewart.

Much to the disappointment of his awaiting fans, he chose to kiss his on-screen enemy, Tyler Lautner instead of Kristen Stewart – surprising Lautner as well.

Although Stewart missed out on the kiss, she did win best female performance for her role as Isabella Swan and “Eclipse” won best movie.

Tyler Lautner didn’t receive any gongs, but did get attention from presenter Sudeikis who featured him in his own knock-off version of the “Hangover” as part of the evening’s entertainment.

Of the movie’s successful night, Lautner commented: “The fact that we’re standing up here is a testament to all the hard work that went into `Eclipse.’”

One of the most awaited moments of the show for “Twilight” fans was the sneak preview of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part One.”

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