Rihanna: Makes Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential List

Rihanna attending TIME 100 Gala

Rihanna attending TIME 100 Gala

The popstar and international sensation Rihanna has found out that she is officially one of the most influential people in the world. She was recently named in TIME Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People list, where she is kept company by some of the biggest names around at the moment.

The magazine unveiled its annual list just last week, which is split up into separate categories. These include Moguls, Breakouts, Icons, Pioneers and Leaders. Rihanna was not the only celebrity attending the gala, where she was seen temporarily relinquishing her urban look for a more glamorous one.

Financially powerful

Not only are these people the most influential, they are also some of the most financially powerful which many say goes hand in hand. This was the eighth annual Gala, which took place at the Lincoln Centre in New York City. Attendees were from all the categories, bringing together the biggest names under one roof.

The function was started by the Managing Editor of the publication Rick Stengel, who revealed that the main idea behind the TIME 100 was to provide a bigger voice for those people who are already affecting the world.

Hillary Clinton was the first person he introduced, with Stengel saying that the influence the United States Secretary of State has is growing each and every year. Clinton then took over and spoke to all those attending the event, saying that America needed to stand up and take responsibility of a new world.

According to the magazine, the gala was a reflection of where America is currently sitting in the global scheme, which involved issues such as US education while providing tributes to those people who have had the most influence.

Adele’s 2011 success

In total there were 54 international names coming from 37 different nations on the final list. This year 38 women made the cut, including the likes of Adele, who has had one of the most amazing climbs to fame in music this year.

The 23-year old British singer’s album 21 has thrown her straight to the top of the international music scene, and has landed high on music charts in many countries. With the money she has made over the last year, Adele has revealed that a house in South Kensington, London is next on her wish list. To make this a reality, she has set aside £10 million in cash. She has only recently shelled out £2 million for a home in Brighton, and is clearly spending her money wisely.

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