Rihanna forgives Katy Perry for missing her birthday bash

The eX Online

The eX Online

Superstar Rihanna has absolutely no problem forgiving pop star and close friend Katy Perry for missing her big birthday party, revealing she still hadn’t forgiven herself for missing her friend’s wedding to Russell Brand.

Rihanna turned 23 this weekend and had a big party to celebrate.

Rihanna took to her twitter feed to tell the world about her party, tweeting, “Go grawl, its ya birthday, ITS PARTY TIME! All my best friends are here And my BROWish u cud see how SICK this s**t is! Stay tuned.”

Perry replied, “Happy birthday boo. Wish I could b there to blackout! Luv U!”

Perry couldn’t be there because she is currently on touring Europe, but Rihanna told her not to worry, saying, “B**ch are u kidding? I missed ur WEDDING!! This is small stuff boo! When work calls.”

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