Rihanna’s new single causes censorship controversy



Popstar Rihanna is not known for being shy, but her new single, S&M, has caused cpontroversy around the world with bosses rushing to ban the single from the radio stations.

The song has been banned in 11 countries and has even been axed from Radio 1’s daytime playlist as it is too X rated for daytime listeners.

The song’s lyrics are extremely suggestive, and the music video, in which Rihanna is seen tying a man to a bed, sucking a banana and writhing around in latex, has an age restriction on youtube.

Even Radio 1 have removed the song from pre 7pm playlists, releasing a statement saying, “We are waiting for an edited version before deciding whether it will be played during the daytime.”

The extreme song has been banned in 11 different countries with broadcasters around the world jumping at the chance to clean their airwaves, but just how bad it is?

We’ve included the video below for you to make up your own mind. Let us know your thoughts.

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