Reid screws over Jordan’s LA fella

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Jordan’s ex-husband Alex Reid, has apparently reacted with anger to reports Katie Price had snogged model Leandro Penna.

Price met Penna at Elton John’s post-Oscars party in Los Angeles at the weekend, and was reported to be seen snogging the model, before dragging him into a taxi with her.

An Argentinean source told the Sun newspaper, “From what I hear about Jordan, it’s a match made in heaven,”

“He’s a bit of a male bimbo – a himbo. He’s a model, TV star and wannabe actor, better known for his looks than for his talent.”
Penna is only moderately famous, having appeared in Louis Vuitton and Coca Cola adverts, as well as the Argentinean version of Hole in the Wall.

Reports have also said the Katie has offered to give him a tour of London, and let him stay at her home in Surrey.

Reid, who moved out of their martial home and back in with him mum, is said to have gone mad at seeing the news.

“Alex’s hurt has turned to rage,” another source said. “His humiliation continues. She keeps dangling the carrot that there’s a glimmer of hope for them – but she’s just being cruel.”

Katie was asked by a fan on Twitter if she had seen the latest claims, and she replied, “no I haven’t I don’t live my life worrying what people say about me if it’s not nice they don’t know me xx (sic)”

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